VY Retreat Center

Welcome to the Greatest Adventure
of Your Life!

We will spend days in contact with nature, in touch with our soul, dedicated 100% to the study of Vinyasa Yoga, away from any distraction. During this time we will enjoy 5 delicious meals per day, all of them light and balanced, cooked with healthy ingredients and lots of love. Our sleep accommodations are in reserved spaces for nature conservation, so we can learn to interact with nature responsibly and peacefully, and become more aware of our relationship with
Mother Earth.
We will practice yoga asanas, we will learn how to sequence a vinyasa yoga class from scratch and how to teach a multilevel vinyasa yoga class safely and professionally; we will study the yoga life style and take a dive within ourselves through different exercises of introspection. We will leave our comfort zone in a safely manner, through physical activities and internal work.
The beautiful locations where this training will be held are in warm, humid, close to the sea areas, literally in the middle of the Riviera Maya jungle, with easy access from anywhere in the world, stress free and crime free. In these times when racism, sexism, intolerance, and imaginary divisions between the human races are separating us apart, our mission is to do exactly the opposite: we want to promote YOGA (UNION) with a bilingual yoga teacher training. The program will be taught in English, but you can speak English or Spanish. We will have a translator available at all times, and our teaching staff can speak and teach in both languages. We encourage you to practice your second language in our daily activities and discussions and, if you feel comfortable enough, to also teach asana in your second language. No matter in which country of the world you were born and raised; the color of your skin, your religious beliefs or your social status; the language you speak, your sexual preference, or your political affiliation; if you are a football fan of any team, or not… we respect you, we support you, and you are totally welcome. In other words, WE ALREADY LOVE YOU… and we just want to invite you to love us all.